Case Study

Social Tree



Listener & Viewing Figures

BBC Radio Solent = 5,000 -10,000

BBC South Today = 10,000

BBC App Video of the Day = 2 Million

BBC Digital Worldwide  = 3 Million


Syd Howells, owner of Social Tree Climbers, wanted to get his message into the media. He first contacted me in May 2020 with a view to drawing up a publicity plan.


I visited Syd at his site in River Hamble Country Park, where he introduced me to Tree Climbing and it was easy to see why he is so passionate about his business. Driving home, I was already planning his press release and deciding which of my media contacts would love Syd’s story the most.


When I work with a client, I spend time getting to know their brand, to find their key message. I ensure I have a real understanding of what I am promoting so I can tell their story in the best possible way.


After trying Tree Climbing with Syd, it left me feeling elated and totally changed my post-lockdown mood. I decided the pitch should be ‘Tree Climbing Is Good for Your Mental Health’.


Within days of meeting Syd, I produced a press release and a media plan, and decided who I was going to approach with his story. Syd approved the plan and the next day I sent the release out to my most trusted media contacts. Within an hour, Syd was interviewed live on BBC Radio Solent.


The following frisson of inquiries resulted in the BBC sending their top online reporter to interview Syd and film a group of climbers in action. They loved the story so much it ran on BBC South Today, online digital worldwide, and BBC app video of the day.


ITV picked up the story a few weeks later, and another film crew interviewed Syd. The story aired regionally on Meridian Tonight and nationally on All Around Britain in the same week.


The Result

Social Tree Climbers’ website saw a huge peak in visitors and newsletter subscriptions. Bookings from people who saw the coverage doubled and continue into 2021. We are now planning our second campaign to target the national newspapers with the story of the benefits of Tree Climbing for everyone.