Today Toilet Rolls

Yesterday when I was in Morrison’s I saw a mature lady standing staring at the tea bags, I asked her if she was okay and she replied “I don’t know what to do, I am so worried about things what should I buy, things are going to run out soon” I tried to re assure her that they have plenty of stock and that she would be okay, but I do not know that, I think we are all feeling a little bit lost at the moment.

I am not sure things will ever go back to the way we knew them before, last night we did book club on Zoom, eight of us on a computer screen they were still very loud, but because we were sitting in the comfort of our own homes, we carried on doing things that we would normally do, three of us were stuffing our faces no table manners forgetting everyone could see us pile the food into our mouths. The wine was flowing and so was the tea, and partners kept butting in to the conversation. But at the end we all agreed as soon as this situation is over our normal meetings would resume.

Finally on Monday I managed to track down toilet rolls as I was down to two and really don’t want to run out. But as I stood in the queue in Tesco’s I started to feel embarrassed that I was holding one large packet of toilet rolls, people were looking at me, as if I was one of those people you see on the news, for some reason I started telling the lady behind me that I had run out and I had a genuine reason for buying them, but when walking back to my car I hid them with my coat, just incase I ran into anyone.

We have another twelve weeks of this I am hoping it will bring us closer together as a community. I would be interested to hear about your experiences, either personal or how your business is being affected.

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