Emma, Graphic Recorder

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Keeping peoples attention during a conference can be challenging especially if the topic is complex to understand, but Emma Paxton founder of Imagistic, has developed a visual way of interpreting the message. Emma is a Graphic Recorder, which in simple terms means she draws pictures that capture the key ideas and messages during a meeting or conference.

Emma, who is from Gosport in Hampshire, previously had a career in event management spanning 20 years and in that time she had developed facilitation skills, using pinboard meeting techniques. When she was made redundant she carried on developing those skills working self-employed focusing on conference facilitation.

In 2016 Emma launched Imagistic, her company focuses on creating hand drawn visuals that engage minds, explain ideas and embed learning, she draws live at events so everyone can see the big picture and capture the key ideas and outcomes. Emma also creates hand drawn visual agendas and evaluations plus post cards and much more.

Emma Paxton Founder of Imagistic said

“I really enjoy what I do, every graphic recording is totally unique, and after the conference or meeting my work is shared with participants and displayed in my clients offices as a reminder of the event and to spark the next level of conversation. I am naturally creative person and enjoy taking complex information and turning it into an easy understandable visual.”

Back in June this year Emma was asked to record the Trauma Informed Barnardo’s events. The graphics where displayed throughout the 3 days, to help refresh everyone’s memories and are now posters to spread the word throughout the organisation.

For more information about Emma’s work or if you would like her to attend your event please go to her website www.imagistic.co.uk