Coping in The Weeks' Ahead

At first, the lockdown was such a shock. We’ve known nothing like it. So many aspects of our lives have changed since. Social distancing now has become the new norm when venturing out. It wasn’t even a term most of us had heard of pre-pandemic. While we might enjoy spending time alone, we are also social beings. There’s strength in belonging in a tribe, we are happier and stronger for it. Those in-person interactions; from handshakes to hugs are out. We face more weeks of this, therefore we need to safeguard our wellbeing to see us through this difficult time.

Firstly, however it is you feel, it’s OK. There’s no saying you have to feel this or that, or be a particular way. We act in accordance with the resources that we have available to us at any given time. You might not feel similar to others. If life hasn’t changed for you much or you feel great, that’s good to hear. The following pointers are still useful – if not for you it could be for someone you know that’s struggling.

The five key actions that can help us with our wellbeing:


Probably the most important now is meeting our social needs, to connect with others by keeping in touch regularly - phone, video calls. Connecting can also be anything that we have a deep connection with, such as pets or nature that gives our mood a lift or soothing.


The benefits of regular exercise, done consistently for at least 30 mins will help give the feel good factors a boost. Keep moving regularly or keep active with something you enjoy doing. This will serve as a good distraction for your mind as you engage and focus on the activity.


Do a good deed for someone or gift them something. It always feels good to give, because the acts of kindness helps us connect with something greater than ourselves. We can also give ourselves a break too, to allow us to recover.


When we learn, we are striving in our growth. Our brains are always up for learning new things, because it gives our life variety and interest. In the learning, we develop mastery – be it a skill or knowledge that stimulates our body or mind.


Pay attention to what is around us. Where is our focus? Energy flows into where our attention goes. We don’t always have to engage in situation that we don’t like or find less helpful. Also notice that over time, moods and emotions can change. When we feel bad, know that it is temporary, it will pass.

When the situation challenges us, it is understandable to feel that we may not have it in us to deal with the days ahead. It is still possible to adapt, develop and grow in the face of adversity. Silver linings and different opportunities present themselves. By making your wellbeing a priority, your resilience through this difficult time can only increase.

About the Author:

Ling is a Wellbeing Mentor and runs social enterprise called Compassionate Cuppa in Hampshire. This is a personalised mentoring service offering both emotional and practical support for your emotional wellbeing. Please find us on Facebook or Twitter under Compassionate Cuppa. Further information is also available on