Bladder Control

If you’ve lived life to the full, worked hard, loved, raised a family, your body may bear the scars – from back pain to a hernia, weak pelvic floor, or even pelvic organ prolapse. These scars can hold you back.

They can stop you from exercising, having fun with your family, or even doing everyday things like running for a bus or catching your child when they fall.

Some people say its normal, part of the ageing process – just get some pads! But just because its common, doesn’t mean its normal.

Hypopressives is a unique and life-changing approach to training that relieves pressure on weakened muscles, allowing the body to work as it is designed to. It has helped thousands of people to recover from even the most serious cases of pelvic organ prolapse, helping them to break free and live life to the full again.

Nikki Caputa one of the founders of UK Hypopressives chats in the podcast about how it helped her after the birth of her twins.