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Glam & Grace Boutique; Bea Bryan tells Julian Clegg why she decided to go self employed.

Updated: Jun 26, 2020


There is a huge rise in older women leaving their comfort zones and starting new business ventures and Bea Bryan is one of those, as on Thursday 12 September she will be opening Glam & Grace a fashion boutique situated within Botley Mill selling a unique range of women’s clothing.

For the last 17 years Bea has worked for the same company and could only dream of working for herself due to other responsibilities which had to come first. Bea will be sixty next year, so now is the time to turn her dreams into reality.

Bea Bryan said “I am so excited about opening the boutique, I think as women we always put everything else first and leave our dreams until last. I have really enjoyed pulling every thing together, I plan to have an opening party the night before with my family and friends”

Bea has already sourced a wonderful collection of labelled brands, which are unique to the area, planning to have something for everyone no matter what your age or size. And if you like to accessorize then her collection of handbags will carry you away.

The opening will be on Thursday 12 September at 9am

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