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Boost Maths was Featured in the Dailey Echo & BBC Radio Solent

Updated: May 18

Maths has always been a difficult subject for most of us but having the right teacher who loves their subject can make all the difference. Caroline Cutress works as a Maths tutor and is finding the demand for her services has risen each year, with more and more parents being concerned that their child is being left behind due to the lack of funding in schools, that is why Caroline started Maths Club By Post.

Caroline worked for 7 years as a Maths teacher at Thornden School, in Chandlers Ford before starting her business Boost Maths Tuition. Her aim is to help build children’s confidence and enjoyment in Mathematics, her business is now in its twelfth year and the demand for her expertise shows no sign of slowing down, in fact parents are more concerned about their child’s education than ever before with Caroline receiving around 90 enquiries for Maths tuition every year. All of her Maths Tuition classes in Chandlers Ford are full with a substantial waiting list.

Maths Club By Post is a simple idea but is extremely effective, every month a child receives an age-appropriate set of puzzle sheets in the post. Each booklet takes the child through a Maths topic in form of a puzzle with word-searches, coded colouring, and card games, making Maths fun for children who have previously found it scary.

Caroline Cutress said “I started my business in 2013 because so many parents were asking me for a little extra Maths to do with their child at home. I began by simply offering a little basic Maths practice for 6-12 year-olds in the form of worksheets sent to children at home with prizes for best work. To my surprise and delight the kids loved being in a ‘club’ and receiving letters and prizes and they were experiencing significant improvements in Maths lessons at school too!”

Caroline has worked hard at developing the worksheets so that they are largely puzzle-based and children can improve their Maths skills and feel confident in their ability in Maths at school, building a solid foundation for whatever path they choose in later life. If you are interested in Maths Club by Post or Caroline’s Maths tuition classes have a look at her website:

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