How are you adapting to all the changes?

By Nikki Scott

Looking in the mirror last night, as I got ready for bed, I was shocked by the sudden fluffy appearance of my body!

I’m sure I’m not alone in this and the past few weeks has taken its toll on me not just mentally but also physically. Adapting to change can in every aspect of your life can be challenging. For me I’m not going to the gym, I’m not going out or even seeing my partner, I’m not doing live training sessions with my clients and I’m not rushing around all day.

I am eating more! I am cooking family meals and I am spending more time thinking about food. Some of this is through boredom and a need to fill the hours of the day. Some is through enjoyment of cooking, seeing my twins enjoy each meal. So I am reflecting on this and I have come up with some strategies to help me (and you) to stop this overindulgence in its tracks before a few extra pounds becomes so much more.

  • Start thinking about how many pesky calories you are eating! I know nobody likes to calorie count however there are often more calories in your meals than you think. I recommend keeping an honest account for a few days to give you a better idea of where the large portion of your calories are coming from. Some great ways of doing this are via tracking apps and now we all have a little more time its good to look at which one best suits you. Many of you will have fitness watches which will include some sort of calorie tracker or you can use apps like MyFitnessPal or Ate. If you don’t like using this type of tracking then good old fashioned pen and paper or a journal can be really helpful for you too. Try and be accurate as you can with quantities and amounts and also add in everything you drink as well.

  • You may find through tracking that you start to see a pattern of higher carb based meals and whilst carbs aren’t the enemy they often lead you to feel more hungry and eat more of them. So think about replacing some of your sugary or white carbs with a sweet alternative. Eat more fruit and vegetables if this is the case and make pasta and rice potions smaller. Aim for one meal with pasta, rice or bread per day if you can as I said above replacing high carb foods with more veggies and fruit.

  • Drink more water/ herbal tea or diet drinks when you think you are hungry, wait 10 minutes and see whether you really were hungry or just a little dehydrated. The signal for thirst and dehydration often gets confused with hunger so this is a great strategy to eat less and to keep well hydrated. Also it will get you up and walking to the toilet more often so you will get more steps in!

  • Finally if you don’t own it you can’t eat it! If you know you have a weakness for eating biscuits or chocolate in the evening then don’t buy it! Replace the need to have these calorie dense foods by filling up on protein and vegetables as your dinner and keep some of your favourite fruits or yoghurts at hand to get you through the munchies.

I’m looking forward to taking back a bit more control over the things that I can and I’m hoping to use this time to get healthy and motivated. Please feel free to contact me if you need some help with anything fitness, nutrition or Women's issues.

Nikki Scott - 07900 806288