Losing any routine to my day has sent me into a spin, with no alarm clock getting me out of bed and the feeling of impending doom hanging over us is slowly having an effect on me. Yesterday I felt down most of the day, to the point where I sat and had a good cry, followed by chocolate which surprisingly made me feel a lot better the next morning.

So now I have decided to draw up a schedule to my day, the first thing on the list is exercise, I am going to try a Jow Wix hit class, as my sister in-law seems to be enjoying him and we are both on diets and she has already over taken me and I am quite competitive, so really need to stop eating the chocolate.

Next on my list is painting, a friend of mine told me to relax when painting and stop worrying what it looks like and start enjoying the process of painting. Also there are lots of tutorials on Youtube for guidance if I want to create a masterpiece.

Finally I have a jigsaw puzzle on the go but struggle when the bits don’t fit, so tend to get bored of this activity very quickly, I have not completed a puzzle yet but we have twelve weeks to go so there is still time. The worst thing about isolation is the boredom and the strange need to keep looking in the fridge for food, if I am not careful going to end up the size of a house.

If you have any ideas on activities, which you would like to share with me, to keep us entertained during these very odd times, please comment below, on facebook

Enjoy your time

Gill x