New Way of Shopping

This morning I attempted to do shopping for myself and my sister and her husband who are both in isolation. Morrison’s is my super market of choice, as I parked my car I could see shoppers queuing around the building, as they were only letting a small amount of people enter the shop, my close friend Liz had warned me of this as she works in Asda, that the shops were doing social distancing. This is for the safety of the shoppers and the people who work there.

I joined the queue keeping my distance from the lady in front of me, she smiled and commented how chilly it was standing in the shade, we then had a nice chat about the weather as us British do. Once I got inside the shelves were well-stocked lots of fruit and veg and even some toilet rolls, I resisted the urge to buy any. My partner was also doing his shopping and I met him by the frozen section, we started chatting about veggy sausages and a very scary member of staff headed towards us, I moved on quickly as my friend got told-off for chatting and got reminded there are people waiting to come in, which is fair enough but poor Gav did look a bit embarrassed. When we met again outside, Gav teased me for letting him get the blame when it was me doing the chatting.

Anyway shopping is a whole new adventure but there was one thing that will never change for me, I forgot the main thing I went in there for, bread, I was to busy gossiping. Finally I was also told that shops plan to stop taking cash and only take card payments in the future.