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Tree Climbing Seen by Millions

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Syd's feature was broadcast on South Today and ITV and was also featured on the BBC app and did amazingly well on the BBC Social pages and was also taken by BBC World teams across the globe for online and TV programmes. The audience reach was in the millions.

Syd Howells - Testimonial

It’s easy to glibly list superlatives about anything these days, so I am not doing so lightly here!

Having attended one of Gill’s workshops, I knew I was in safe, experienced hands when we started working on my press release together. Gill is a gold mine of knowledge and experience and has the answers to getting your business fast, effective publicity, and clear advice on how to be ready for the results.

Within minutes of my press release being sent to the BBC, I was on the phone to BBC Radio Solent, and talking on air an hour later. I had booking enquiries, newsletter subscribers and paying customers the same day too.

The following frisson of enquiries resulted in BBC Online sending an intrepid reporter to film my business in action, which went all around the world. I sent the link to a tree-climbing friend in Georgia, USA only to learn they had already received it from a friend in Washington, D.C.

I cannot thank Gill enough for getting these results for my business and will be working with her again and again.


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