The War on Plastic – and what we can do about it.

We are all more than aware that there is a Plastic Problem and unfortunately only about 9% of plastic produced has actually been recycled. That means that there’s a lot of plastic in landfill or just floating around the oceans.

It will come as no surprise that studies show plastic pollution has a negative effect on the environment throughout its lifecycle from production to end of life disposal. This clearly effects habitats and wildlife. So the question is if we can’t look after the world we live in how can we expect it to look after us?

It’s understandable that on an individual basis we think “whats the point, what can one person do?” I’ve certainly had these thoughts, but if a million people make one small change then that’s a million changes.

Whilst plastic is unavoidable it is easy to reduce your single use plastic items. I started my journey in 2018 by doing a plastic review in my bathroom and counted up 27 items which came in single use plastic (this excluded cleaning products and makeup). After a year I’d eliminated all but one of these (nail varnish remove) and had found some great alternatives. Overall I’m actually saving money in the long run by using shampoo bars, reusable wipes and a menstrual cup. Win win.

I was so pleased with my results and had some great encouragement from friends and family that I decided to start a plastic free shop. The virtual doors of Switch and Ditch opened on 1 November 2019 and since then I have expanded the range from toiletries to other daily items such as household essentials and cleaning products. I’m always on the lookout for new plastic free products and love trying new eco-friendly products. Not only are my items free from plastic I’m careful with the suppliers I use. I ensure they are as ethical as possible as well as offering a range of vegan friendly and sustainable items.

Often the “right option” is more expensive which is why I endeavour to keep costs as low as I can without compromising on quality. I test and use everything before I add it to the shop. If it doesn’t work for me or I don’t like it how can I expect my customers to?

Whilst you’re on lock down why not take the time to look in your bathroom and see if there are any easy switches you can make.