Try to Buy a Chicken

I am doing shopping for my sister and her husband as they are self isolating, yesterday they asked me to get a chicken as my brother in-law really fancied a roast for dinner. I don’t think they realized what a task that would be. The super markets were empty so I decided to go to Lee-on-Solent as I parked I could see a queue outside the butchers, so thought I would try the Coop first with no luck. Forty years ago when my sister first met her husband I struggled to get along with him, and there is a standing joke in our family that I nearly killed him whilst giving him a riding lesson on our pony Nobby. This of course is not true I just wanted to teach him that you needed to hold on tight.

Anyway I love him to bits now as he makes my sister very happy, so I joined the queue to buy him his chicken, there was just one left in the window and it had my name on it. Can you believe this bloke decided to push in front of me when I was one person away from being served I really did not know what to do, so I tried my best unhappy look at him, he did apologize but continued ordering as much meat as he could and luckily he did not buy the chicken. I left the shop very happy with my purchase.

I must say most people are being nice to one another there is a sense of community that I have never experienced, strangers are chatting to one another in the queues and offering advise. I am worried about what is happening but believe the majority of people in this world are good and if we could just take a breath and calm our selves it maybe a bit easier for us.