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Wickham Soap featured Portsmouth News & BBC Radio Solent

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Darron is on his way to getting news paper and radio coverage

Men’s grooming has taken a huge step in the last decade, it is now an industry that is worth billions and a local man from Fareham in Hampshire has developed his own natural brand of artisan shaving soap. Darron Barnes is the founder and producer of the Wickham Soap Company.

Darron became interested in men’s grooming products back in 2014 when he himself was suffering with sensitive skin, he started to research ingredients and stumbled upon a formula for shaving soap that was last commercially used in the UK in 1912. He enlisted product testers, all of who strongly approved the formula as essential for the wet shaving community. Darron was onto a winner. Unfortunately, there were a handful of complications yet to tackle.

Working as a sole trader, Darron was limited by his ability to produce small batches and encountered a few unwanted characteristics, but he continued, undeterred, to overcome this challenge, and two years on, Darron has reformulated what was once a mass-produced soap to become a true Artisan shaving soap.

Darron Barnes Proprietor and Founder of Wickham Soap

“I feel blessed to be doing this, I really do. The feedback I get from all over the world can be very powerful at times. I had one chap tell me his elderly father had slipped into depression and nothing could get him to come out of it. He went on to thank me profusely as his father now leaps out of bed each day to shave and his mood has lifted greatly. I sent this customer some free products with a nice quote from Walt Whitman, Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. The feedback was unimaginable when I started. But now I use it to benchmark the service I provide, like I said I feel absolutely blessed to be able to provide people with something that can touch them in a positive way. For me this is priceless!”

Darron is now in his fifth year of trading and already exports his products around the world to 12 country’s including America,

For additional information luxury male grooming products. Please contact Darron:

Wickham Soap Co. 2019 - Maker of Luxury Artisan Soap

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