Publicity Audit

Before starting any publicity you need to chat to Gill to check your business is PR ready


Good publicity is about telling your story and creating conversations.


Key Message

If you look at my case study with Syd from Social Tree Climbers, we decided his key message is tree climbing is good for your mental health. In a time of pandemic, emerging from the first UK national lockdown, everyone was suffering. The angle I chose got a great response and both the BBC and ITV ran with the story.


So, what is your key message or pitch? Are you the only one doing what you do? Have you been planning for years, and at the age of 50 decided to leave your job and go it alone? These are examples of angles you can pitch to journalists. Relatable human-interest stories have always been successful at getting attention, so think about what your unique pitch could be.


Target Media

Also think about your target audience. Where do they shop, what papers do they read and what radio station do they listen to? We can target specialized media as well as the main stream journalists.



This needs to give journalists and clients good information. What does it say? It is your shop window, so make sure you have relevant pictures, testimonials and blogs. This is a great way of sparking the imagination of anyone looking at your site.


Once a press release goes out, your business is in the public eye. You can make more of this time by capturing data to build a future marketing database. Offering your new audience ways to sign up for an email newsletter or a special offer online is a great way to capture details of people who are interested in your services.


If you don’t have a full website yet, you can set up a simple, clear homepage just so you wont miss giving out information about your brand.


Social media

Once again, make sure it is up to date and matches your brand. You can link the account to your website to drive traffic and help capture more data. Make sure you have interesting, relevant posts and stories because journalists will research you, and new customers will be looking you up following the publicity. Give them something to talk about and share.


Finally, I will help you capture and share your stories on your website and social media. This is an exciting time and will generate visibility, build credibility, and drive sales.